I created this total hip replacement website to help people that have already had total hip replacement surgery or are potential candidates to have it in the near future. I wish I would have stumbled on something like this prior to getting my surgery or even after. It is a scary surgery to have if you are not familiar with the procedure and you don’t know what to expect. I’m here to try my best to give you some hip replacement advice. The scariest part is not being sure what activities you will still be able to do and how your life will be affected post surgery. Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine, and life will be much better with your new hip. I’m here to help you get the most out of it.

My hip replacement situation was unique because I was very young when I got the surgery. I elected to undergo THR surgery at age 19 because I played baseball and had a strong desire to play professionally and make it to the major leagues. I was very motivated to further pursue my baseball career for as long as I could, so my mind was open to whatever needed to be done.

I received my total hip replacement two weeks shy of my 20th birthday and have had it for over 11 years. I am proud to say that I rehabbed my hip back to full strength, and played professional baseball for over seven years all after receiving the surgery. I continue to stay strong, young, and active and do whatever I want to do. Actually, I get younger EVEryday. It’s a choice I’ve made. And I’m pretty stoked on that choice. I want to help you be able to do the same thing. I hope this website has helpful information and gives you some positive insight. You have the power to respond to your situation and inspire those around you, don’t take it lightly. Accelerate.


My Story

This is me pitching just about full speed off of a mound just seven months after my total hip replacement surgery.

This is me doing box jumps. This is an exercise I thought I would never be able to do again, let alone at this level.

Here is the baseball resumé I created in 2012 when I was actively pursuing playing baseball overseas and trying to market myself to teams in Asia.

This is me pitching in a game over 11 years after my total hip replacement surgery.

Are you a potential candidate for a hip replacement or do you already have one?

Maybe I can help…

Best Total Hip Replacement Exercises for Active People

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What are the best hip replacement exercises for active people? As someone who is the (self-proclaimed) most active and capable person in the world with a total hip replacement, I’d like to offer my fellow man some hip replacement exercises that I’ve found highly beneficial in my journey of having a THR. Here’s my advice on hip replacement exercises: Follow…

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3 Things to Think About and/or Implement

Improve Your Diet

Everyone knows they need to eat better. If you want to make your hip feel better and last longer, start eating better, much better. Make it the #1 priority in your life. I can show you some great things to implement.

Your New Diet

Exercise Everyday

You must do something every single day. Treat it like you are saying thank you to your hip for working, so you are working it out. It has to be done. Stop putting it off. Follow my lead and start today.

Your New Exercises

Be Disciplined

Discipline and diligence. There are so many small things that you can do that will not only help your hip feel amazing, they will elevate your overall awareness and appreciation in your life. Let’s Motivate.

Your Hip Replacement Guide

Attitude is Everything

Your new hip is a new beginning to do even more than you could do before. Create your positive mindset about the non-limitations of your hip and you will see your positive mindset flow into all other aspects of your life.